Piñata Farms use AgPick

The closest thing to an AgPick review: an article by a valued client! Many thanks to Piñata Farms for sharing their experience with the AgPick labour management system! Our valued client, Piñata Farms, use agtech and farming innovation software in their field. Here Piñata Farms share their experience using the hand-held AgPick Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) system.

AgPick helped a valued client, Piñata Farms, manage 140+ workers and scan about 12,000 trays per day.
“The live feed from the paddock tells us which blocks have been picked, how many trays have been picked and who picked them. That’s important information used to analyse and review the season and plan for the next.”

“It has capably met our primary objective to streamline the payroll function.”

“We didn’t have to put on extra people or reallocate resources to deal with the influx of individual payments …”

“Given the enormity of managing our own labour during strawberry season, the system’s impact has been significant.”
– Piñata Farms’ General Manager (at the time of writing), October 2017

Read the whole article here:

Harvesting aid reaps strawberry rewards

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