How AgPick works

AgPick infographic - How It Works
AgPick infographic – How It Works

First, AgPick stores your farm’s master data in the system.

We configure AgPick to suit your picking process and job style.

Employee and contractor information is stored for easy search results and record-keeping.

Tags are attached to all the vessels used in hand-picking or pruning operations. Badges for workers are set up and numbered. You can choose either NFC or UHF hardware.

Ruggedised scanning devices can be bought or leased from AgPick.

Badges are accurately assigned to workers. If you hire contractors or have a high turnover, these badges can be reassigned each day.

You can allocate colour-coded groups to reflect the way you pick in the field. For example, you can allocate groups to distinguish between employees and contractors.

Workers get their badges, sign in and sign out. Data comes through as soon as they start picking.

You can see the progress of your field in real time, and your workers can see their own progress upon request, giving transparency to both parties.

Supervisors or collectors scan pickers and their vessels. You can trace a full vessel back to the worker who picked it, and a vessel can’t be scanned twice in a short time period. You can enter vessel weights directly as you go.

Access, analyse, store and export your harvest data securely from anywhere with AgPick.

Industry resources and links

  • Supplementary guide to the South Australian Labour Hire Licensing Act 2017 
  • Click here for the South Australian Labour Hire Licensing Bill, which we used to write our guide (commencing 1st March 2018).
  • Click here to see everything you need and apply for the SA labour hire licence. All SA labour hire providers need a licence by 1st September 2018.
  • Click here for the Queensland Treasury’s guide to their Labour Hire Licensing Act 2017 (commencing 16th April 2018).
  • Click here for the Parliament of Victoria Labour Hire Licensing Bill 2017 (to be debated early 2018 and, if passed, commence on or before 1st November 2019).

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How to use AgPick

We have AgPick user guides for our clients and trial participants.

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